Six Ways To Boost Your Wellbeing During The Pandemic

While we may not be able to speed up the departure of Covid and our return to normal life, we can take steps to boost our wellbeing, strengthen our resilience, and increase our mental, emotional, and physical strength. Based on one of the core frameworks in positive psychology, the PERMA framework, here are six ways to boost your wellbeing during the pandemic.

Four Steps To Confidently Achieve Your Goals

It's that time of year again when our focus turns to starting anew. The New Year – the perfect opportunity to set new goals and dream new dreams. But how often have you set yourself goals in the past and failed to follow through? Wouldn't it be nice to confidently achieve your goals this time? … Continue reading Four Steps To Confidently Achieve Your Goals

Four Major Goal Setting Mistakes

When it comes to achieving great things, setting the goal should be the easy bit. You decide what you want, come up with an awesome action plan, and then get to work. In reality, setting goals is deceptively tricky. In fact, much of our success depends on setting the right goal in the right way. Get this part wrong and you're likely to miss the target. These are four of the major mistakes people make when setting their goals that ultimately lead to their failure.

What Color Is Your Cape?

We each have an unconscious preference in the way we handle challenges in our lives. Some of us don the red cape and focus on fighting back against the issue. We point out all of the challenges, unfairness, and problems and seek to get them stopped or removed. Others put on the green cape and look for positive solutions instead, picking out the strengths, possibilities, and elements that are good and look for ways to build on those.

Why do we stay stuck in careers we hate?

Like many people feeling stuck in life and unsatisfied with their careers, Tracy had tried to make changes. Yet she kept finding herself back in a classroom, feeling defeated. If teaching brought her so much pain, why did she keep being drawn back? What was preventing her from switching to an entirely different career altogether?

Personal growth in a pandemic: 7 ways to come out better than you went in

Is intentional personal growth possible in a pandemic? Should we be buckling down under quarantine, feverishly working towards transforming ourselves and achieving goal after goal after goal? Or is the pursuit of personal development on top of coping with covid-19 just too much pressure? Emerging from the pandemic better than you went in doesn't necessarily mean you've achieved a whole bunch of massive goals, but that you have moved forward mindfully in whatever way is most beneficial and meaningful to you.

Procrastination: What is it and why do we do it?

When we procrastinate we intentionally put off or delay a task that needs to be done, despite knowing that there may be negative consequences for not getting it done now. Approximately 80% of the population will engage in situation procrastination at some point, choosing to delay unpleasant tasks in favor of something more pleasant.