Connecting with your Higher Self

When you want to listen to a particular radio station, you tune your radio to that station, tuning in to a particular frequency. Same when you want to watch a particular show on TV. It is the frequency you tune into that determines what you hear and what you see. Our brains operate in very … Continue reading Connecting with your Higher Self

Two secrets to boosting your confidence

There are all kinds of strategies, ways of thinking, patterns of behavior and practical tips for improving your confidence, but they're all redundant if the foundation isn't there. That foundation is the real you, the you that you know deep down you are. The trick is to find that and to bring out who you are to build your inner confidence.

What Color Is Your Cape?

We each have an unconscious preference in the way we handle challenges in our lives. Some of us don the red cape and focus on fighting back against the issue. We point out all of the challenges, unfairness, and problems and seek to get them stopped or removed. Others put on the green cape and look for positive solutions instead, picking out the strengths, possibilities, and elements that are good and look for ways to build on those.

Why do bad things happen to me? How your explanation of bad events shapes your experience

When something bad happens to us, your belief about the causes of the problem influence your mindset and put you into either an optimistic, empowered state or a pessimistic, disempowered one. As you can imagine, this in turn heavily influences the way you act (or fail to act) in response to the problem.

5 Common Thinking Traps (and how to recognize them)

There are five common thinking traps that once you have fallen into them can be difficult to navigate your way out of. Unless you can identify the nature of the trap and see it for what it is – a distortion in your thinking – you’ll end up stuck in an endless maze of self-perpetuated negativity and unhappiness.

If he can do this, what could YOU do?

How much of your current situation is truly set in stone? What do you believe about yourself and your ability to make changes? What have others told you that you have accepted as fact? Every day we face challenges with work issues, finances, our health, or from unsupportive family and friends. Or perhaps it's our … Continue reading If he can do this, what could YOU do?

The biggest disease facing the minds of humanity

An insidious disease of epidemic proportions is spreading across the nation, wreaking havoc in the minds of hundreds of thousands of people. Affecting even the greatest and most successful of minds, we each do battle with this disease daily - and it is winning. Yet despite it's all encompassing grip, it is surprisingly easy to … Continue reading The biggest disease facing the minds of humanity