Get the confidence, courage, and strategies to achieve your goals

Is there something you want to achieve in life but you’re afraid you just wouldn’t be able to do it?

Have to tried setting goals for yourself in the past but found yourself unable to follow through?

Are you worried you might not be good enough, smart enough, likable enough, strong enough, or (insert quality here) enough to achieve your dreams?

Do you want to achieve your goals but lack the confidence or self-belief to try?

Goal Setting Confidence for Anxious People is a different kind of goal setting course designed to help you overcome your anxieties and show you that yes, you CAN achieve your goals, if you learn how to dig deeper into your unique self and create an action plan that works with you, not against you.

This course teaches you how to identify goals that contribute to your happiness and fulfilment in life, whatever that may look like for you. It focuses on tackling your anxieties and negative thoughts, building confidence, commitment, motivation, and finding strategies to overcome the challenges that may have held you back in the past.

Goal Setting Confidence for Anxious People will show you how to set goals and create action plans that align with who you are as a person – aligned with your values, drawing on your character strengths, skills, and experiences, and navigating limiting beliefs and negative thinking patterns that may get in the way.

By the end of this course, you’ll feel confident that your goals match you authentically and will bring you real joy. You’ll also have the keys to unlock your unique personal character profile – those skills, experiences, and attributes that are uniquely you (the good AND the bad!) and how to use them to create an action plan that you feel confident you can execute. You’ll know how to handle those pesky fears, anxieties and limiting beliefs that have held you back in the past, and actually build steps into your action plan that will take care of them as you go!

Goal Setting Confidence for Anxious People scored 9.8/10 on Coursemarks! Check out the full course review here

This course is for you if…

· You have a goal you want to achieve but lack confidence your ability to do it

· You have tried to achieve goals in the past but your anxiety, fears, and procrastination has got in the way

· You suspect your anxious mindset and/or negative thought patterns may be preventing you from taking action

· You’ve tried conventional goal setting and action planning before but weren’t able to follow through

· You’re looking for a way to set and achieve goals that allows you to make progress at your own pace and in your own way

What to expect from the Goal Setting Confidence for Anxious People course

Comprised of 40 video lessons organized over five modules, the Goal Setting Confidence for Anxious People Course walks you through setting goals and creating an action plan that aligns with your unique personal character profile, leveraging your strengths and characteristics to help you achieve maximum result while taking into account and overcoming your anxieties, fears, limiting beliefs, value conflicts, and any other negative mindset patterns that may have been holding you back.

Work through the videos and accompanying worksheets and activities at your own pace, and check in with Louise and other students in the Facebook group.

Visit the course enrollment page for a full module breakdown, pricing info, and to enroll in the course!

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