There are a huge number of books offering advice on how to manifest more money into your life. No law of attraction book is complete without at least some reference to the techniques, strategies, and mindsets needed to manifest wealth and start living the life of your dreams. How many times have you read a book hoping for a new twist or take on the problem of money manifestation only to hear the same advice repeated; you need to act and feel rich in order to attract riches to you. Unfortunately, it never seems works.

I recently found a book, Becoming Rich by Genevieve Davis that turns the regular advice given to those seeking to attract money on it’s head and comes at it from an entirely different angle.

And I completely agree with her viewpoint!

The majority of law of attraction books say that the key to manifesting what you want is to get into the state of feeling like you already have it. When it comes to money, this means feeling rich and wealthy. The most common (and incorrect) advice is that in order to feel rich you should focus on the good feelings of having an abundance of money to spend or to give away. Focus on all the wonderful things you could do with your money; the things you could buy, the experiences you could have, and the people you could help. Then, reinforce this rich feeling by ‘acting rich’ and taking (small) actions that affirm to the universe that you are indeed a rich person and attract more money to you.

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But how do you go about acting rich when your bank account says otherwise?

Some suggest finding ways to spend small amounts that make you feel good, such as treating yourself to a little luxury or making a donation to your favorite charity. Another common practice is to carry around a $100 bill in your wallet. Every time to you see something you’d like, take a look at that $100 bill and say to yourself ‘I can afford that’. Each time you affirm that you can afford something you’ll start to build your belief in feeling richer, and the financial floodgates will open for you.

Unfortunately, focusing on spending and the things money can buy very often backfires.

Who truly feels rich by looking at things they know deep down they cannot afford? Or that if they do splurge out it’ll mean they have to cut back on essentials elsewhere? What about those individuals living on the edges of poverty who don’t know where their next paycheck is coming from? Will giving their last ten bucks to charity help them? Trying to feel rich by focusing on ‘spending’ money you don’t have only serves to remind you that you do not really have enough, making you feel even worse.

Genevievie suggests that acting rich by spending/giving away money is in fact the opposite of what you should do to act rich and manifest more money. Do rich people really go out and spend money they don’t have? No! Not at all! In fact, rich people manage their money very carefully and save money where they can. This is how they build their wealth! Acting rich is not about spending money, it’s about SAVING IT.

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How many lottery winners still have their fortunes five years after their big win? Not many. It’s almost as if winning the lottery is cursed. After spending big on a new house, fancy cars, luxury holidays, and anything else their little hearts desire, most lottery winners find that their newfound wealth is quickly depleted and they are back in the same financial situation they were before. Those that do manage to keep hold of their new wealth don’t blow it all on stuff; they make smart purchases, invest, and save.

Rich people are rich because they carefully manage their money. When money comes in they are ready, prepared, and organized. They have a plan in place to invest, save, or spend it on carefully thought out purchases. Poorer people do not typically have a plan for their money; they haven’t set up savings accounts, retirement accounts, or budgeted their money to any kind of plan. When money comes in it is spent straight away, never getting a chance to build up into real wealth.

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Genevieve suggests that beginning to manage your money, no matter how small, can help you begin to act and feel like a rich person, drawing more money to you. Even something as simple as putting $5 in a savings account each week can help you start to feel organized and show the universe that you are capable of handling money. It may take longer to start to feel good than a quick fix of visualizing and imagining spending hordes of cash, but watching that balance grow week by week will give you a sense of real wealth building up and leave you feeling amazing about money (without the snap back to reality!)

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