One of the quickest ways to begin to uncover limiting beliefs that you suspect are holding you back from making changes or attracting new and positive things into your life is to complete the following statement as quick as possible with minimal thought.

I can’t do/be/have this because __________________________________

The key to this technique is to just blurt out whatever comes up in response to this statement. Don’t overthink it or try to figure out the perfect answer, just allow yourself to respond with the first thing that comes to you. It may be a complete thought, an image, or it may just be a gut feeling – either way it will give you an indication of the true underlying limiting belief.

This technique is helpful in beginning to uncover the root of your limiting belief. Once you are aware of your unfiltered, raw response to this question, you have a starting point to begin to ask why you may feel like this.

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In my own life, I discovered the source of one of my biggest limiting beliefs when I started to ask myself why I always felt so bad, almost guilty, when asked what I wanted. I would have an actual, visceral, emotional response to the word ‘want’, whether I was asked the big questions about what I wanted in life, or simply where I wanted to go for dinner.

When I began to ask myself “I can’t have what I want because” I would instantly and automatically respond with “because I want never gets!”

That was my starting point. From “I want never gets”, a simple phrase my Nana used to say to me often as a child, I was able to pick apart and understand why I felt so awful at the word ‘want’ and what the underlying limiting belief actually was.

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Identifying the emotional/feeling component is also extremely helpful in indicating your current point of attraction on the topic. Not only are we seeking to uncover the limiting belief to change or modify it, but we can use the emotional information to identify where our vibration currently is and what that may have been attracting into our reality. Armed with both an insight into the source of the belief, and an idea of the experience you have been creating with the associated vibrational frequency (guilt, fear, anger etc.) you are in a great place to begin to clarify the limiting belief and identify the new belief and vibration you wish to replace it with.

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