Six Ways To Boost Your Wellbeing During The Pandemic

While we may not be able to speed up the departure of Covid and our return to normal life, we can take steps to boost our wellbeing, strengthen our resilience, and increase our mental, emotional, and physical strength. Based on one of the core frameworks in positive psychology, the PERMA framework, here are six ways to boost your wellbeing during the pandemic.

What Color Is Your Cape?

We each have an unconscious preference in the way we handle challenges in our lives. Some of us don the red cape and focus on fighting back against the issue. We point out all of the challenges, unfairness, and problems and seek to get them stopped or removed. Others put on the green cape and look for positive solutions instead, picking out the strengths, possibilities, and elements that are good and look for ways to build on those.

Why do bad things happen to me? How your explanation of bad events shapes your experience

When something bad happens to us, your belief about the causes of the problem influence your mindset and put you into either an optimistic, empowered state or a pessimistic, disempowered one. As you can imagine, this in turn heavily influences the way you act (or fail to act) in response to the problem.

5 areas to focus on to improve your well-being

As busy, stressed-out professionals we all want to increase our well-being and feel better. Yet finding time for self-care can be extremely challenging, and even if you can carve out an hour somewhere, where should we be targeting our well-being efforts? Which areas of our lives should we focus our precious time and energy on … Continue reading 5 areas to focus on to improve your well-being